The John Christopher Irish Jewelry Collections

Dublin, Ireland

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Night Lights

A new romance. Supper at ten. A brilliant social season.

A simple black dress has its charms, but Dublin's vibrant night life requires something with a bit more impact. This breathtaking John Christopher masterwork sets off after-dark fireworks, folding delicate ribbons of diamonds and precious metals into fantasy dances of light, air and extravagant beauty.

Champagne is the recommended accompaniment.

New Dublin

Life. Action. Energy

James Joyce would hardly recognize his native city. Today's Dublin is a world-class European capital, bustling with prosperity, replete with theater, music, galleries, shops and restaurants.

John Christopher celebrates this great Liffey-spanning city with cutting-edge jewelry that deconstructs traditional Irish forms and reassembles them into works of the goldsmith's art — kinetic, sculptural, totally of today. Worn with a bespoke business suit or a dazzling evening dress, these versatile pieces identify the wearer as one who seeks not only the newest, but the most exciting.


Magic. Insight. The power of words.

An ancient Irish legend tells of a warrior poet who plucked the Salmon of Knowledge from the Rive Boyne and was rewarded with the three gifts of great poetry.

Which explains, perhaps, why Ireland has always produced memorable literature and people whose daily speech is full of lyricism and wit. (Think Joyce, Beckett and Yeats) Here, John Christopher reflects in the grace, strength and sleek, polished contours of the great Salmon. Pure poetry for the knowledgeable jewelry collector.

Rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets in 14 karat yellow and white gold, diamonds, gem stones.

About John Christopher Condron.

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John Christopher Collections

Strong, flowing lines. Precious metal. Rich gemstones. Craft and art woven into each design, igniting the imagination and stirring the soul with mystery, mastery and originality seldom encountered in jewelry.

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Fado Livia Ring

Inspired by the twists and turns of Anna Livia Plurabelle, or the River Liffey, the Livia Collection by Fado Jewelers.

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Donegal Tweed Cape

This three quarter length Donegal Tweed cape was designed and made by Branigan Weavers.

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